HP’s Android tablet to have Nvidia Tegra 4 under the hood

HP Nvidia Tegra 4 Android tablet

HP had its share of tablet and smart phone market back in the days. But it looks like the company wants more. Or at least that is what the “sources familiar with the matter” which ReadWrite got think. The rumor is already out and you guys will probably know by now that HP is going to try out its luck with the Nvidia Tegra 4 CPU, the same processor that was showcased by the company just last month at the Consumer Electronics Show, 2013.

This means HP is going to be one of the first manufacturers to come out with an Nvidia Tegra 4 tablet. The expectation is that the company will at least show a demo of the device at this month’s Mobile World Congress. But that is not going to happen it seems. The company would rather hold a private meeting at the event, maybe to discuss the tablet with partners.

Anyway, we or the sources that the news publication quotes, do not know anything else about the device. We do not know if the device is actually in the works already, or will it be released to the consumer market this year, or what will be its name, or other hardware specs. But we do know that it will run one of the latest versions of Google’s Android. After the way HP TouchPad went down the market, HP would be very careful with this one.

Also, the company seems not satisfied with the Pre line of smart phones, as there is a rumor that the company will come out with a line of Android smart phones as well. But there is no idea if that is going to happen anytime this year or not. HP had acquired Palm for around $1.2 billion a couple of years ago. And the company went to loss after losing all that money.

Source: Android Authority