HP Nvidia Tegra 4 Android tablet

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If you are a big Google Now fan, you would be happy to know that the search engine giant has released an update to the app and has made it even better now. Not just that, the Google Now service has a widget now, a home screen widget. Also, the cards have been updated to provide more info.

For example, movie cards have now been integrated with the Rotten Tomatoes movie rating service, so you get movie ratings with the cards. And if you have bought tickets for a movie using the Fandango service via Google Now, the app will automatically bring up the tickets to the movie once you reach the theatre, that’s just so awesome.

And what if you are out looking for a place to rent or buy? Real estate cards are just awesome on Google Now. If you arrive at a place for a showing, the Google Now app will provide you with an in depth look at everything that particular house has to offer, without you ever asking for all this info.

And with all this, the widget provides more awesome features. For example, it shows you a quick preview of what the Google Now service has in store for you, so that you are not surprised when you open the app. You will get weather forecasts, stock prices, movie info, live score updates, navigation info, and much more. But since the widget is still in its first version, it is not yet completely polished. You may find it a bit annoying at times, but there is no doubt you will like it. For example, the amount of information display and the resizing of the info all need some working on. Probably, we will see an update pretty soon with all these issues addressed.

So what are you waiting for? The update is already available on the Android Play Store. Go there and download now if you haven’t got the notification yet.

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