PushBullet lets you push anything from Laptop to your Android device

unnamedI always find myself in this conundrum. I am surfing the web in the morning, checking the news, when I come across an interesting article. It’s interesting, but it’s long. And as always, I am late for work; so, I decide to savor that piece on my way.

And merely out-of-choice, I blatantly do the most frivolous thing in the world- I mail myself. Of course, I have apps like Pocket and Flipboard that can save the articles on my phone, but there’s no app that port the article that I am reading on the web to my smartphone. So, I have no other option other than to mail the link of the article to myself so that I can read it later.

Well, strike that. There’s now an app called PushBullet that lets you directly push files, links, notes, lists, reminders, addresses, and more to your Android phones and tablets. Everything I push to my smartphone can be retrieved from the notification on my Android device.

Well, here’s how it works.

  1. Download the PushBullet app from PlayStore. You can find the download link at the bottom of the blog post.
  2. Install the app on your Android device and run it.
  3. Log-in using the default Gmail account through which the phone is linked.
  4. Now, open from your Laptop. There’s a Sign-in option at the Top-right of the web page. Enter the email address  that you have used it with your Android smartphone.
  5. Ta-Da! That’s it. You’re done. You can now login to anytime and transfer whatever you want. (You don’t need to login again and again) You can transfer anything from notes, files, lists, links, files, reminders to addresses.
  6. Whatever you push from the web would be waiting in the form of notification on your Android device. PushBullet maintains a server where the user credentials and the transferred temporary files are stored. Once the file has been transferred from laptop to smartphone/tablet, after a certain fixed interval, it is automatically deleted from the server.

That’s how simple is it. This app can be an amazing way to transfer grocery lists, send links, push street-addresses and transfer notes. It’s simple, fast and convenient. And most importantly it’s extremely useful. That’s the reason why it has lots of positive reviews for itself. It has managed to lure more than 15,000 users in just one week.

According to Ryan, the developer who developed PushBullet, the popularity of the app grew exponentially in a short span of time because people see value in his app. He accredits the success of the app so-far to his launch-day blog post that explained the utility of the app by quoting some real-life examples, and emphasized the importance of such an app in day-to-day life.

We feel this is a sumptuous way to transfer files, notes and addresses. Might still not be the best way out considering the fact that you still have to use the browser to transfer notes and files, but it’s definitely better than mailing yourself.


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