How To Run Firefox OS On Sony Xperia E

We all know that mobile devices running on Mozilla’s Firefox OS will soon be hitting the market. Several device manufacturers have already signified their intent in using this new platform.  Sony has even announced that they have partnered with Telefonica to come up with Firefox powered devices as early as next year.

You don’t have to wait that long to run Firefox on your Sony device though as the company has announced that you can now run an experimental version of the operating system on your Sony Xperia E Device.

This is recommended for the advanced developer who wants to get the feel of how the new platform works. Since it is still experimental, there are certain limitations such as absence of radio connectivity. This means there’s no cellular, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.


  • You must have an unlocked bootloader
  • You must be using an unlocked Sony Xperia E
  • You must know how to flash ROMs

How To Flash Firefox OS on your Xperia E

  1. Unlock the bootloader using the unlock bootloader service of Sony. Be aware though that once the unlocking is successful your device will not receive any official updates from Sony.
  2. Download the Flashtool for Xperia and install it.
  3. Start the Flashtool and connect your Xperia E. You will then see the Firefox OS software available from the service list which you should choose.
  4. Click on apply service which should start the flashing
  5. If everything went well you are now running Firefox OS

This procedure may also e followed by regular smartphone users who are curious about how this new mobile platform operates. You will however lose important functionalities of your device.

If you are already familiar with developing web applications using HTML5 then you will find it easy to develop applications for Firefox powered mobile devices. Only one key concept is added and that is manifest files. This contains extra data to allow your app to be installable.

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