How To Fix Common Sony Xperia Z Problems

The Sony Xperia Z is the company’s latest Android flagship device that’s undoubtedly the best smartphone model they have right now. The device comes with premium high end specifications and unique features such as having dust and water resistance. There’s really little to complain about the Xperia Z in terms of features. This device launched in Japan last February 9 and will soon be released in the UK this coming February 24. The rest of the world will be getting this on the first quarter of this year.


Just like any other device the Sony Xperia Z is not without its problems. Those who have bought this model experienced some minor issues which most of the time can easily be resolved. We have come up with a list of these issues which you may encounter on your device.

Video Support: Will the Sony Xperia Z play MKV files on its default player? No information regarding this is listed in the Sony site.

Answer: MKV files work just fine on this device however there are limitations. You won’t be able to select which audio track to play and are stuck with whatever is being set as default. There’s also little codec support. The best solution to this is to use a third party video player such as MX Player with the HW or HW+ decoders. This way you will get full hardware support and be able to enjoy the Bravia Engine along with a wide range of codec support.

Video Support: Bravia Engine 2 stops working after bootloader unlock

Answer: Once you unlock the bootloader of the any Xperia device the first thing that goes away is your DRM keys. The DRM does not affect the performance of the Bravia Engine 2. Unless you install a custom ROM on your device Bravia should still be working fine.

Notifications: Notification LED isn’t working for email, WhatsApp or Facebook. When charging it is actually orange and when the battery is low it’s red.

Answer: This problem usually exists on early demo units. First try to see if your device is in Stamina Mode since the notification LED won’t work if this is on. If that does not solve the problem then do a factory reset on your device. This solves the problem quickly.

Speaker: Hello, just washed my Xperia Z under running water and after that the speakers gone very low. Anyone else got the same problem?

Answer: Even though the device is waterproof up to one meter it’s really not a good idea to go ahead and place it under water. The speaker volume going low is normal since there is still water in the speakers that muffles the sound. You need to dry it out first for at least half an hour for the volume to get back to normal.

These are just some of the common problems we have compiled from actual users of this wonderful device. If you have a question regarding your Xperia Z then send us an email or visit our forum for assistance.

8 Replies to “How To Fix Common Sony Xperia Z Problems”

  1. hey , my sony xperia Z Ultra started experiencing that couple of hrs ago..
    the red notification light goes on and off and then only the sony logo appears and this process has been continuing till now . Can u please help me out

  2. My litmus paper next to the headset plugger turns pink , rain drops was gotten in there , my phone works perfectly fine but can I get it fix back white ? What can I do to restore the litmus paper ?

  3. hi
    i am also facing the sasme problem and dont really know what happened to my phone. there is one slight difference in my problem it displays sony and xperia logo and the colored xperia background and then turns of. if u know what happened to your phone then kindly inform me too.

  4. i have a problem on my xperia z .when i plug in the charger my phone notification light turns red and then it vibrate a few times and die anyone can help me .PLEASE HELP

  5. I am having big problems with the charge on my Z, even in standby with no data and aeroplane mode set – screen brightness right down the battery is still depleting before the end of the day, and occasionally when I try to charge it it just gets hot – shows its charging but doesnt actually charge. If I leave data off and just leave in stand-by, no volume, and only check for texts etc occasionaly then it still drops down to 39% by early afternoon (in a five bar area) whereas my IPhone 4s in the same place and conditions (but with data on) is at 90% – It also refuses to charge from my car charger and sometimes loses power faster (the IPhone has no problems from the same charger) and the same with my PC at work (again the IPhone charges from the same usb port. I like the phone but the restrictive power consumption makes almost useless to use! and the only reason I haven’t yet sold my IPhone on!. Any Ideas would be appreciated.

  6. LED isn t working even after 3 reset , the light goes on only when charging the phone , and is not in Stamina mode .
    I get the phone replaced 2 times by now, still the same issue and there is no settin to set up the öED notification even if the user’s guide tells the phone has a notification led…no idea

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