How the new Playstation 4 controller could possibly look like

It’s only a matter of few days before Sony finally unveils the much-awaited PlayStation at an event in NYC. Our reliable sources have confirmed the launch date to be February 20. Sony has not announced the date officially, but we’re quite sure that it would be launched by next week.

There are apprehensions all around the world regarding the new PlayStation 4. Bloggers are whirling up their fantasies and jotting down their precarious embellishments.

While most of the anticipations are mere fallacies, there are some that insinuate some serious credibility. A recent photo of a PlayStation 4 controller prototype that appeared on a gaming website, Destructoid, last night, wins some golden Brownie points, and throws more light on how the new PlayStation 4 controller could possibly look like.

 1 (Image credit: Destructoid)

The website has attested the fact that the controller in the picture is, indeed, a PS4 prototype controller. Many unnamed reliable sources have confirmed that it’s an early prototype that came with the development kit released by Sony.

As shown in the picture, the controller embeds the standard set of controls that comes with a PlayStation controller. There’s a D-pad on the left, two analog sticks in the middle, and the standard “circle, triangle, x and square” controls on the right.


What’s new is the touch-pad in the center of the controller. It’s not as large as Wii controller’s touchpad, but the glossy plastic panel looks to have replaced the conventional ‘Select’ and ‘Start’ buttons on the controller. Most probably, the touch-panel would be used for gesture based controls and tap commands for easy navigation.


(Image credit: IGN)

Move Sensor

There’s also a Move Sensor on the front part of the controller that would be used for tracking the hand-motion of the person holding the device. The console would use the integrated light on the back to track the motion of the controller, eliminating the need for a supplementary Move controller.

Share button

There’s a small button on the left of the controller, near the D-pad, whose function cannot be deciphered. Based on some previous reports, the sources say that it could be the much-awaited ‘Share’ button. The functionality would allow users to instantaneously share their scores or post clippings on popular social networking sites like Facebook, and Twitter. Sony could use the services of cloud gaming service Gaikai that it acquired last year to record, store, and stream the video clippings of users in real-time.

Speaker/ Microphone

In the center of the controller, there’s a black grate that could be possibly be a microphone-cum-speaker. It would be used to give sound effects or receive voice inputs from the user. The microphone feature could be used for giving voice commands, in-game communication, and audio/video conferencing. The speaker could be used to enhance the sound-effects and give a more realistic gaming experience to the gamer.

What You Need to Know

The prototype controller, as mentioned, is a rough sketch of the new PlayStation 4 controller. The controller that would be unveiled on Feb 20 would be better than the prototype model, and might also be different from what the prototype model looks like. Sony might force out the things that disrupt the ergonomics of the device, and stick to the features that make the new PlayStation 4 controller comfortable to hold and responsive in nature.

We would have to wait until next Thursday to find out what exactly does Sony include and how much semblance does it derive from this prototype PlayStation 4 controller.

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