Hexen GLES Android Game Review

Hexen: Beyond Heretic is a first person shooter dark fantasy game developed by Raven Software and was initially released for the DOS platform in 1995. You can now enjoy this classic PC game on your Android device thanks to game developer Kokak that just released Hexen GLES.

hexen gles

Hexen GLES is a direct port of Hexen and is now available over at Google Play  and costs just a little bit over $2. The requirements for running the game vary between devices and the best way to check on this is to check on the compatibility list which should automatically appear.

One word of warning though, the game available over at Google Play only comes with the demo files. If you want to play the full game you will have to provide your own game file from the original game. What you need is to copy the hexen.wad file from the original game to the Hexen GLES folder. This is a manual procedure which can be easily done by connecting your device to your computer. Once the copy is done you can now enjoy the full game.

In Hexen GLES you choose among the three available heroes you would like to control. Your task is to defend Cronos from invasion of Korax and his minions. You will get to explore various worlds in this game and get to access lots of magical spells and items. There’s going to be lots of hidden stashes in this game so better keep a close eye on them.

In terms of graphics the game stays as close as possible to the original game with only a few minor changes made. You will be getting that 90’s pixelated feel but this time it is smoother.

As far as controls go you still can’t use the Xperia Play touchpad. If you own the Xperia Play you can use the gamepad buttons which works perfectly. Other devices will have to rely on an external controller connected via Bluetooth such as the MOGA controller or a keyboard (USB, Bluetooth, embedded).

The game developer has promised additional features coming in the future update of this title including support for the “Deathkings of the Dark Citadel” expansion pack,more particles effects, better skies rendering,3D monsters and objects, Xperia Play touchpad support, and network support.