HDR for iPhone brings HDR to iOS

HDR for iPhone 5

If you are a fan of photography and have an iPhone, it is pretty safe to guess that you would have done some good photography on that. The iPhone comes with a really great camera and many built in features which makes it really good camera phone. The new iPhone also has the High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography feature built in. But for someone with good knowledge of photography and how it works, all these features on a smart phone would not be of so much interest. But for newcomers to the field of photography, this is really great.

And to make things better, there is a new app in the Apple App Store for your iDevices which brings HDR to your iPhone, which is obviously better than the built in HDR feature. The HDR app from Lucky Clan Software takes two images, one bright and one dark. The app then takes both these images, aligns them, and then blends them with wider dynamic range. And this final rendering is offered in four different options: auto, optimized, vivid, and contrast. And if you already have images in your Camera Roll which you want to be processed, you can choose two images for the app to process.

Mel Martin for TUAW writes, “I compared HDR to the Apple HDR feature, Pro HDR, which sells for US$1.99, and the $1.99 HDR3. All the apps had strengths and weaknesses. ProHDR and HDR3 could see more detail in the shadows. ProHDR also did better on keeping hot spots from appearing in the sky. The Apple HDR feature also rendered the skies more smoothly. Apple does better at this because it doesn’t push the HDR rendering as far as some of the other apps.”

The HDR app needs iOS 5 or better and it is optimized for the new iPhone 5, but it is a universal app. And the app is being offered for free for a limited time. So grab it when you can.

Source: TUAW

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