Google’s Vic Gundotra Says Nexus Phones Will Have “Insanely Great Cameras”


Manufacturers these days have been committed to bring the best in their smartphones compared to the competition. While companies like Samsung excel in the field of displays and chipsets, other companies like Sony, HTC have expertise in the field of sound and design. But if there’s one feature which is universally acclaimed, it’s a smartphone’s camera. And as we’ve seen of late, not all manufacturers have been too focused on a smartphone’s camera. It is this aspect which makes manufacturers like Sony stand far apart from the likes of Samsung, HTC and others. Other manufacturers have been rather behind when it comes to implementing better camera sensors on their smartphones. The same case applies for Google with its Nexus smartphones, as these devices have never been known for awesome cameras. However, according to the Senior VP of engineering at Google, Vic Gundotra, we can expect Nexus phones to be “insanely great cameras” in the future. He said this while responding to a user’s query on Google Plus. Vic seemed very optimistic about the future of Nexus smartphones, and asked us to “wait and see”. Now that’s what we like to hear from a key figure at Google.

But despite Vic’s reassurance to expect better camera sensors on Nexus phones, we will believe it when we see it. There’s still some time to go until we have the next Nexus (that is if the Motorola X phone isn’t a Nexus and/or if it’s real). Perhaps this was Vic teasing us to the prospects in hand with the next Nexus or the Motorola X phone. Either way, we will remain skeptical until the last moment because we’ve heard several such reassurances from manufacturers in the past. The question raised by the Google Plus user Sizar Adam strikes an important note though. With the emergence of better and improved smartphones, will the users be able to ditch their SLR cameras altogether and just carry their smartphones around to capture professional images? Well, we certainly hope so as smartphones need to be smart in all aspects and not only in terms of display or raw horsepower.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus from 2011 featured a rather dismal 5MP camera. Although it was capable of 1080p video capture, it was nothing to write home about. However, Google made the much important change with the LG Nexus 4 as it comes with a decent 8MP camera sensor. While the camera sensor isn’t all that great in itself, it’s the software which makes it all the more fun and interesting. With features like HDR and Photosphere, Google made sure the camera was on par or even above most of the competition (at least in terms of software). Photosphere is one of those features which you’re not going to use too often, but you would still like to have it on your phone. And HDR capabilities existed in the iPhone back since the 4S was launched, so that’s nothing great either. The basic idea here would be to bring a camera which excels in all departments (including low light photography) and make Nexus phones perfect for everybody. Sure, not everybody is going to use the camera of a smartphone that extensively, but it’s a necessary prerequisite these days for any device. What do you think about this? Would you need a better camera or is just 8MP good enough for you?

Source: Google Plus
Via: Android Central