Google’s Chrome blocks few websites for malware, list includes YouTube

Google Chrome blocks websties for malware

If the Google Chrome browser on your computer is not letting your browser a few websites such as sites from such as imgur, DeviantArt, The San Francisco Chronicle, and YouTube, then you are not the only one facing this issue and you can relax. If you do a search on Twitter, you will come to know that a lot of people have been facing the same issue as early as the start of this week. This is because the browser sees a worm on those sites, and a simple refresh of the page has corrected this for many users.

Apparently, the browser detects a malware from Since this is happening to a lot of people, this could just be a bug in the software, of could be a legitimate worm being detected. Some people are guessing that this worm could have been propelled itself on to these sites using the ad network on them. That is a very good possibility.

But anti virus software or anti malware software have not yet come up with the detection of threat. Also, There is no news about what the worm or the malware does if at all, even if Google Chrome blocks the site, you go into it anyway by some means. That is a daredevil’s work to find out.

You can also install a good anti malware software on your computer, and then try to visit these sites from a different browser, if at all you want to test the validity of this malware. But it is better if you steer clear of these infected websites for some time, even if they are not infected.

Hacking for information is in the rise today, and you definitely do not want anyone from a different country to be going through your personal files on your personal computer and getting every bit of little info they possibly can.

Source: Gizmodo

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