Google to cut funding to Pirate sites


If rumors are to be believed, Google is cracking the whip on pirate sites that host pirated music, movies, songs, eBooks, software and Operating Systems. Artists, authors and film producers have long been furious about having their work available to the world for as little as a few cents or if they are really unlucky- have their creative genius distributed for free! Torrent and rapidshare websites host illegal content for users to download. This translates into an annual loss of millions of dollars to the creative industry that includes movies, music albums, written material and software is meant to be licensed.

Apple took the first step in containing piracy with its iTunes concept that sync’s a user’s music with his PC or laptop so that music that has not been paid for cannot be exchanged between friends and distributed over the country. Search Engine Emperor Google has taken a step forward to support Apple in its efforts to cut piracy. Google has announced that it will remove funding to any website that hosts illegal content. If offshore sites do not respond to a legal beckoning, then Google will aid credit card firms like PayPal and Visa in blocking payments to these sites.

A move in the right direction, Google along with Apple is working towards promoting creative content and ensuring artists and writes get their due when their work is uploaded on the internet. While speculation is on about which companies Google will go after first, the company chose to remain quiet about its planned course of action to battle piracy. This move has been received with claps and cheers from the musician’s community, film fraternity and writer’s block.

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