Google Could be Looking to Open Its Own Retail Outlets in Key Metros


We all know how Google operates, and it got into the retail biz with the launch of the Nexus One roughly three years ago. After this, we saw a slurry of Google branded devices with the LG made Nexus 4 being the current Nexus flagship. However, Google has plenty of other plans too. If you may remember, Google showed off something known as Project Glass at Google I/O in June last year and its capabilities were immediately clear to us.

However, Google hasn’t quite managed to market it yet as it’s still believed to be a work in progress. But, developers are currently able to get the Explorer edition of Google Glass for $1000.  And it is now being rumored that Google could be looking to open retail outlets in key Metros in the U.S to make sure people walk into their outlet and have a hands on experience with these units. Along with Project Glass, Google is also expected to make its Nexus devices available in these stores for easy access to people. This can be beneficial in more ways than one. While this will give Google better market for products, it will also let the people check the devices themselves, especially smartphones and tablets which are otherwise sold only through Google’s online store.

Google sells its Chromebooks in select Best Buy outlets with its own employees giving them info on how it works and operates. If Google were to bring its own stores, things could get much simpler and like any other retail outlet, users can check how these products work and pick the best one. There’s no info on when the idea will materialize, but it seems like Google wants to open up shops in time for the holiday season, which isn’t a bad time to start a retail unit.

Google Glass was supposed to be the prime reason behind opening up retail stores, but keeping Nexus devices alongside seemed like an obvious call. Because opening a retail shop for something as expensive as a Google Glass wouldn’t really make sense. We’re guessing Google is heading in the same direction as Apple as it doesn’t have a lot of devices to look after in its inventory. Perhaps, the stock issues can be sorted out too if Google were to make its products available in separate retail outlets. Let’s hope the idea comes to effect soon as people haven’t really had a good experience with Google’s online store so far, especially with the Nexus 4. Also this avoids the shipping time and all the other delays that one would have to face.

Google has set its foot in the right direction if what we’re hearing is correct. There seems to be plenty of other exciting products coming from Google in the coming months and there couldn’t be a better place to showcase these features than at a dedicated retail outlet. What are your thoughts on a Google retail store in your nearest city?

Source: 9To5Google
Via: Phone Arena

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