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Google Removes Moon+ Reader App From Play Store Due To Alleged Piracy Issues

Moon+ Reader, a popular multifunctional eBook reading app, has been pulled from the Google Play Store because of alleged piracy issues.


According to the app’s official website, as well as reddit, the move follows a complaint sent from a Russian eBook store called

In a press release, LitRes stated: “many of the post popular indie reading apps included pre-installed links to a pirated library as the main source for books. We, in turn, protecting the rights of cooperating authors and publishers are in regular content with the administrator’s of such applications to remove links to pirated content sources”

The main argument rests on the fact that the Moon+ Reader app supports the Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS), a protocol for accessing online catalogs. OPDS allows readers to access public domain works (such as those on Project Gutenberg, the Internet Archive, and Feedbooks) as well as books from not-so-legitimate sources.

Moon+ Reader’s developer claims that “Google didn’t make any investigation and confirmation, they just removed my reader from the Play directly.”

A report from Goodreader, however, says that Google recently has been examining not only the Moon+ Reader apps, but also other eReading apps such as CoolReader and Reader. Supposedly, Google sent questions to the developers, and as the Moon+ Reader developer did not respond, Google took action by removing the app from the Play Store.

In the aforementioned press release, LitRes expressed its apology to users of the Moon+ Reader  “apps for the temporary inconvenience and inability to read books.” Nonetheless, it believes that “in the near future these applications will reappear.” It is expected that the app will be unavailable for download from the Play Store for at least a month.

Meanwhile, Apple has taken the same action on the app, which used to be available for iOS users, as well.

For Android users, the Moon+ Reader apps are still available on the Amazon Appstore, and the developer’s website.

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