Google Play Music, Google+ get new features, bugs fixed

Google-Play-MusicGoogle Play Music, the awesome pre-installed music player for majority of the Android devices, was updated with new features. It’s the most downloaded music player on the app store, and the new set of features would only increase the popularity and the utility of the app.

The change log of the latest version of the app ( Google Play Music version 4.5.9) reads the following:

  • Instant mixes continue playing beyond 25 songs
  • Shuffle an album, artist or playlist
  • A new default album art
  • Previous button added to widget
  • Pinning progress now shown on album and playlist pages
  • Fix for Galaxy S3 freezing problem

The instant mixing feature would now allow more than 25 songs (Don’t know why Google limited it to 25 in the first place). Other minor updates include adding a default album art, adding a previous button to the widget, and the ability to shuffle songs in an album, artist or playlist.

However, the most crucial fix was the fix for Samsung Galaxy S3. Reportedly, the app kept crashing unexpectedly on Galaxy S3 devices. Now that the issue has been rectified, S3 users would be able to use Android’s best music player.

Google+ also received some handful updates that include support for adding a link when creating a post, a newly designed notification tray, and other community moderation features. These features should make automatic appearance to your interface, provided you have not tweaked the settings.

Google+’s user interface is a far more superior app than Facebook or Twitter. Such tenacious efforts by Google would popularize the once secluded social network. It was only a few days back, when a survey unraveled that Google+ now is the 2nd largest social network, and has more active users than Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn.


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