Google Now Widget Finally Makes its Way to Android


We’ve heard rumors about updates coming to Google Now, especially in the form of a widget. This sounded like a novel idea and one which would go a long way in making things simpler and easier for users to operate. And here it is finally, after numerous speculations about its arrival and how it will make way to the Android system. The widget has made its way to Jelly Bean now with an update to the Google Search app. The widget leaked and revealed its existence prematurely, but nothing excites us more than getting the real thing confirmed. Users basically can choose what information to show on their homescreen, and select specific cards. So say you want to know the traffic and directions along with sports scores and weather, you can select these data.

Also available with the Google Search update is the ability to check real estate listings with Zillow. Another cool feature now is that when a user books tickets via Fandango, it alerts users when it is time for the movie. Also, when Google realizes that you’ve actually reached the location, Fandango will open up a virtual ticket for you to confirm your booking at the counter. Some updates have been made to Google Movies as well, where users can read reviews from Rotten Tomatoes for a movie they’re about to watch/rent. This one is certainly something to look forward to and we like the direction in which this is heading. This update is very significant for Android on the whole as it improves on several cool features which existed already. Let’s hope the updates never stop coming as long as new features make its way to the system.

This comes hot on the heels of the Android 4.2.2 update which is currently being rolled out to all Nexus devices beginning with the Galaxy Nexus. During the rumored arrival of Android 5.0 at the Google I/O developer event in May, I guess we can see a lot of new improvements made to the system. Especially with the way Android works and operates with the user. Nexus device owners will have absolutely nothing to worry about as these users will get the update first before anyone else. So if you don’t own a Nexus device, this might be the right time to get it. But given the kind of stock issues Google is seeing, it might not be an entirely bad idea to with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Or perhaps wait until the Google I/O event to see if there’s going to be an X-Phone after all.

Source: Google
Via: Pocketnow