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Google may add Google Now to Chrome desktop browser

Chromium Web Browser for Windows with Notification Area

If you have an Android smart phone with Jelly Bean on it, I am pretty sure that you will be using the awesome virtual assistant, Google Now, on a daily basis to get a variety of info. The app lets you speak to it about what you want, or ask a question, and it replies with the information from the internet. It has been a real helpful tool. Now, Google is going a step further and trying to bring this to our desktop computers with a similar tool for the Chrome desktop browser.

As we can see from the screenshot above, the Chromium web browser for the Windows operating system has been updated to add a new notification area. From the notification area, we can see that there can be more than one notification, which becomes obvious from the “Clear All” button on the notification area. This means that apps or the Chrome browser itself will be able to create notifications to let users tell about new emails, new tweets, Facebook notifications, or whatever.

Google Now was able to get all the usage data on our smart phones till now, but after this new update gets released to the public, the company will be able to record and monitor our internet usage on our computers as well. That will both improve the service, and pose as a threat to our privacy, which is kind of not new.

The company has not yet announced this officially. So we do not really know when the update will be actually rolled out to the users. Also, we do not have any rumors pointing to a possible release date of the update. So I guess we will just have to wait for its release. But we can be sure that the search engine giant will make this little project of its live soon.

Source: Talk Android

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