Google Glass: A Multi-Industry Game-Changer

google glassWhile Google’s latest innovation won’t be mass-produced until 2014, the industry is abuzz as to how this digitally-enhanced head will change the landscape not only of smartphones but also the marketing, shopping, entertainment, and gaming industry. Google Glass was first introduced to the public in April of last year and during Google’s I/O 2012 conference for developers, Google co-founder Sergey Brin offered a demonstration as to just how awesome and amazing the device is, with a skydiver wearing the eyewear while leaping from an airplane and the conference attendees had to hold on tightly to their seats to watch it real-time in the conference hall. After the death-defying stunt, industry players are now wondering how Google Glass will affect the overall industry of technology.

For smartphones, it’s easy. Experts say that Apple should be worried as Google Glass will now become Siri’s biggest competitor. Just like Siri, Glass responds to voice commands but the device offers more. The eyewear can function as a “second screen” to tablets and mobile devices, revolutionizing the world of gaming for portable gadgets. Since the release of the iPhone, Google Glass is the second biggest product to hit the mobile gadget industry.

Internet marketers will now have a whole new platform to example and companies are quick to buy ads on Google Glass. Candy Lab’s Executive Officer Andrew Couch has already sworn his company’s commitment to work with Glass as soon as the product is released in the market. Buying tickets, getting show times, and making reservations will become even more seamless than it already is. Deep Focus CEO Ian Shafer predicts an “even more immediate gratification from an information perspective.” Shafer also adds that augmented reality will become an area where advertising budget will be worth spending on, especially today when consumers’ short attention span requires campaigns that only take seconds to convince people to spend their money – and looking at something is a very simple task to do from a consumer’s point of view.

Filmmakers, videographers, and the rest of the entertainment industry can also explore augmented reality through the device even more. It offers an alternative way of featuring reality, allowing production to become even more creative through stylistic footage. Content creation, according to Shafer, can now start playing around the first-person point of view in storytelling. As for gaming applications, it is definitely a revolutionary add-on device that makes playing on the plasma screen even more lifelike than it already is now.

Google Glass is more like an extravagant expansion for any device that you have. The device is an add-on and it will enhance any mobile gadget you have. The OS runs on Android, as with any Google product, and it’s set to be available this year at a price less than the $1,500 that developers had to pay for to own a prototype of the device.


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