Google Drive now has previews for videos, images, and files

New Previews on Google Drive

Google has just updated its online file storage service, Drive, to offer new features. Though there is only one new feature to list, there are many features built into it. The thing is that you can preview almost any file that you have uploaded to your Google Drive. For file types that will natively show previews, for example images, you can see them right there. But for file types such as Word documents, Power Point presentations, and the like, you will have to manually right click on the file and select the preview option.

But all the magic starts after you do this much. Once you are in the preview window of the file, you have a lot of options to do. And the preview is nothing but partially opening the file in the same window. Once you are in the preview window, you will be able to print the file, zoom in and zoom out, take a print out, select text and copy the selected text, open the file properly, and much more. You can also navigate between files with the help of the right and left arrows.

If you have video files on your Google Drive, you can even watch a preview of the videos, which is nothing but just playing the video in a new window. A few of the users have already got this new feature on their Drives, but it is not yet available to all users at the time of writing this. But you should expect to get the feature soon enough, if you have not yet already.

Now, there are many other companies and services which offer cloud storage such as Dropbox, Box Inc., the new Mega, and many more. And all these services are putting out something new almost every week. By this, we can imagine how important cloud storage has become today. And if you are in a corporate world, I am pretty sure you have thousands of files on your cloud drive, no matter which service you use.

Source: Android Authority

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