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Google Doodle Makes its Way to Android with Google Now


Google is known for innovative and creative ideas from its development team. One fine example of its creativeness is Google Doodle, which is something that the folks at Mountain View design and post on the Google homepage on every special occasion. This has grown to such an extent that users can now interact freely with the doodles and play games as well. If you remember correctly, Google held a unique Doodle for each day of the London Summer Olympics last year. This was widely popular with the fans and I personally spent an awful lot of time on Google than I should be. Users however have been often complaining about the Doodles’ absence from Google’s beloved mobile operating system – Android. But now, the Google Doodle has finally made its way to Android with Google Now (Jelly Bean only). However, there’s a downside to this version of the Google Doodle.

While it manages to show you the exact same Doodle as what’s displayed on Google’s homepage, it won’t allow users to interact with the Doodle. So it’s pretty much out there everyday, but you can’t play around with it like you would on your PC. However, it’s good to have a Doodle on Google Now which usually shows a mountain or something else in the background. I feel Google didn’t want users to interact with it so as to not make the experience choppy. This updated version of Google Now isn’t visible to every Jelly Bean user, apparently. So if you don’t see the Doodle on your Jelly Bean running smartphone, please be patient. The Valentine’s Day Doodle was a delight with Ferris Wheels and odd animal couple sparking up the Google homepage and has been reported to be visible for some users.

This update most probably made its way with the Google Search update a couple of days ago, which also brought forth the Google Now widget. We’re certainly loving the updates that are making its way to the Android system, especially with regards to Jelly Bean. Although this new Google Doodle update only brings an inactive version of the real thing, it’s something worth commending. Let’s hope Google keeps updating its core services as we countdown to the launch of the next major version of Android. If you’ve received the Google Doodle update on Google Now, let us know by dropping a comment below. Also make sure you tell us where you’re coming from. As of now it seems like all major cities in the U.S have received the update.

Via: Talk Android

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