Google To Throw Piracy Websites Out of Business

Google piracyThe search giant, who has been snarled into controversies for including pirated content in its searches, has finally decided to cut the thorns by their roots.

Reportedly, the Californian giant is in talks with payment companies like Visa, Mastercard and PayPal to cut down the income of illegal sites that hold pirated content. Google wants to cut-off their funding, thereby making them inoperable.

Executives said that they want to cut-off the funding to sites that provide links to pirated films, songs, books, and other copyrighted content. According to The Telegraph, the plan would stop feeding cash to sites that do not respond to legal notices on the grounds of being an offshore company.

Previously, companies like Visa, Mastercard and PayPal had taken such an extreme step to stop Wikileaks, a site that leaked government secrets online. Though the move didn’t mark Wikileaks’ extinction, it certainly crippled site’s blatant intentions.

This is the first time that the search giant is collaborating with payment companies to crack a whip on these piracy sites. By cutting down the financial sources, Google hopes to drive them out of business. The move is welcomed by the book publishing, film, music and television industries, who want a more stringent control on the rampant piracy online.

How effective the crackdown would be, depends on the readiness of payment companies to block the funds, and also on the unwillingness of any third-party entity to succor these sites. However, the Californian search giant’s ardor to crack a whip on the illegal sites would lay strong grounds for a more intense battle against piracy.

Via: [The Telegraph]

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