Galaxy SIV to Feature Gesture-based interface; No S-Pen

The Samsung Galaxy SIV happens to be one of the most anticipated gadgets of 2013.  With its rumors surfacing as early as one week after the launch of the Galaxy SIII, this next Samsung flagship has dominated rumor categories of weblogs but it appears it’s becoming more real as time passes.  One of the newest rumors on this mysterious device is that unlike its brother device with a 5.5 inch screen the Note II, galaxy SIV, though is expected to come with a 5 inch screen, will not have an S-Pen.  It instead introduces a whole new UI technology featuring gestures.

Gesture-based controls

According to a Korean news agency DDaily, Samsung has great plans for the SIV and is focused on making it one of a kind device.  The face of the device will look nothing like its predecessors – although it will retain the buttons now synonymous with the Samsung Galaxy line of devices.  This new technology in user interface design may be what Samsung needs to beat its competition including the soon to be launched LG Optimus G and G Pro and HTC One or M7.

All indications earlier pointed at a device with an S-Pen and this may come as a disappointment to those who were looking forward to it.  If indeed the SIV comes with a gesture-based user interface, it will be the first of its kind to fully implement the motion sensor and maybe proximity sensor as an input method.

According to the rumor on the Korean site, the SIV features a familiar design – most likely the shape and design of the SIV, probably Samsung’s way to continue branding the Galaxy line of devices.  This means that the phone will have the same Home button on all Galaxy devices as well as the capacitive keys that are Samsung Galaxy device signatures.  The rumor about an S-Pen input surfaced probably because of the large 5 inch screen expected on the new smartphone and because at this point it is kind of difficult to picture how effective gesture-based input is.  It also makes perfect sense if Samsung wants to separate the Note devices and Galaxy notebooks with the S-Pen being one of the differentiating factors, especially now that the next galaxy Smartphone will have such a large screen.

The Samsung Galaxy SIV comes with an improved ‘organic design’ according to the Korean source, a design first introduced with the Galaxy SIII.  We could not tell what actually is the improvement, it appears that the interface software ‘TouchWiz’ will undergo new developments to revolutionize the device.  We also know that Samsung has patented and trademarked the terms ‘Eye pause’ and ‘eye scroll’ – could these have anything to do with gesture controls?

Samsung has been awfully quiet despite all the rumors that have been going on – well, the company responded only once when the very first rumors started surfacing about the SIV and the company categorically denied that it was working on it.  But then, that was last year, just a few weeks after the SIII was launched.

If you are one of the millions of people waiting for the SIV, we might get a break soon as the phone may be launched sometime in April – roughly two months away.  It appears that Samsung has embarked on mass production of the 5 inch Full HD displays with AMOLED technology which can only be those of SIV.  According to DDaily, Samsung will announce the phone in mid-march and it may make it available within a month.  As a recap, check back for a roundup of rumors including specs, design and release dates of the SIV in a later post.

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