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Galaxy SIV: Can It Beat The HTC One

Finally, the HTC One is here. It’s that phone that every droid geek in the world was waiting for. It has some of the best features that a smartphone can have is probably the best smartphone in the world right now. Yes, this is pretty clear from the features that you are able to use up front. I mean, we are talking 143g of lean mean browsing machine. With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core 1.7 GHz CPU speed I think we can all agree that this is something out of a sci-fi film. Yup, HTC are on the lead as of last week.


But why are we quick to assume that it’s the best smartphone in the world? Well, that’s because we are comparing it to everything from the S3 to the Galaxy Note 2 to the HTC Droid DNA which, if you were paying attention to the posts of my fellow colleagues, are all smartphones from 2012. The guys at HTC can’t afford to develop a phone for 2013 that isn’t as good as phones from 2012. That wouldn’t be bad for business, no. That would be bad for reputation.

So what can this apex of smartphoning technology be compared to? Here’s a little hint for you. It’s predecessor was the S3. Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about. The Galaxy SIV. This is what this post is all about. Getting to see whether the yet to be revealed S4 has to make it outshine the HTC One.



What are some of the features that the guys at Samsung will look to build above and beyond the HTC One? Let’s start from the superficial. This (HTC One) is a phone that has a structurally insane form. It is the first smartphone that has been made purely out of aluminum. However, the smartphone has quite a number of poorly designed features. For instance, it doesn’t have an edge to edge display. That being said I think we can assume that the guys at Samsung have already taken care of that as it is.

What else do the masses value about smartphones? The size and weight. The HTC One is 143g but it’s quite a lot larger than the HTC One X. However, we need to account for the fact that most people prefer a large but light smartphone as opposed to a small and light one so the S4 needs to be just big enough but how will they pull off being lighter than 143g? Let’s wait for March 15th to find out.

What’s weird about the HTC One is the fact that it has top and bottom silver bands that are really wide making the display just that much smaller. Why did they do that?

Everyone out there would tell you that the fact that it has physical buttons is a letdown but compared to anything that Samsung has to make this is a non-issue due to the clear signature home button all Samsung smartphones have.


The problem with the designers at HTC is the fact that to them the customer is always wrong. Only they know what needs to be done. In this regard they have yet again failed to offer expandable storage. Of course it comes with 32GB and 64GB storage options plus myriads of cloud storing services but people want to hold onto what they save in their devices.

Samsung on the other hand has always offered SD card slots. But they could decide to be as hard headed with the S4 as the guys at HTC have always been.


Now we’ll check out the camera of the HTC One. This camera is pretty decent. You won’t believe it but it has Ultrapixels. I know, right. That’s awesome. But wait a minute. What are Ultrapixels? Basically, most cameras take pictures in this way. They gather information in myriads of pixels to try and form an image. What the Ultrapixel does is enlarge the size of one individual pixel and get as much information out of that single pixel. This makes it better at capturing images in low lighting conditions. However, anyone who hasn’t read this probably doesn’t know this so they are still living under the assumption that more MP means better image quality- false. As long as the masses aren’t educated all that the guys at Samsung have to do is write 13MP next to the camera and ring – we have a winner.


The processor that the HTC One has to offer is pretty much one of a kind. Yeah, there’s nothing like it. However, no one knows a thing about the processor that will be used to power the S4. There have been rumors that claim that they will use the same Snapdragon 600 as the HTC One but how true can any rumor be?

As for the battery, the HTC One currently has the best battery life of any android smartphone. But how powerful is a 2,300mAH when the device has a full HD display and a processor that could power your house? If Samsung were to find a way to beat this then it’ll be pretty clear that HTC is out of the race.

When it comes down to the software you might be a bit disappointed with the HTC. While trying to add a little umph  to the Sense UI they made a bit of a booboo…….. Yeah, that customization led to the rise of the Blinkfeed which is a bit too much for the typical android user. So if Samsung were to go for the average UI, maybe Touchwiz UI we’ll have a definite winner.

HTC One Silver

To conclude this vivacious debate we give you a small thought to take with you. This year should be the climax of smartphone technology. This year we are looking to think of leaving the era behind and start creating a system that revolves around the human biological system. When HTC comes with a device that isn’t all that it could be the masses get disappointed. I mean, is this the best that the company could do? That’s why the debate was set out. Of course everything stated about the S4 is based on rumors and wishful thinking so maybe, just maybe the HTC One could have already won the competition. But who knows? March 14th in New York people, March 14th.

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