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Galaxy S4 Mini launch to start in May

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

We have heard and read a lot of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S IV. It feels like we have been waiting for something that we already know about. But just yesterday, we came to know that the Galaxy S IV is a package of three products, the Galaxy S IV, the Galaxy S IV Mini, and the Galaxy Watch. The report that we saw yesterday also says that the first two devices in the list seem to be confirmed. And we have some more news about the Galaxy Watch, which we will tell you in a few minutes, so check back in half an hour.

Now, after Samsung released the Galaxy S III last year, it saw the need for a cheaper version of the same smart phone. So it released the Galaxy S III Mini, and I guess that was a hit? The South Korean smart phone giant now wants to do the same with its next big thing. According to the report, the Galaxy S IV will be released in some parts of the world as soon as April, with the Galaxy S IV Mini scheduled to follow later in May.

Sam Mobile on Thursday reported that Galaxy S4 mini accessories “need to be done by week 21,” which is the May 20-26 week. And if the company wants the accessories to be ready, it can only mean for release. Samsung would, by now, have all the accessories it needs for the demos and the presentations at press conferences.

So anyway, we can expect to at least see the Galaxy S IV Mini in May, with some parts of the world seeing the bigger brother, Galaxy S IV as soon as April. And that is all we know for now. There are no details about the specs or price of the Galaxy S IV or the Galaxy S IV Mini. But stay tuned, we always have info to share.

Source: Android Authority

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