Galaga Special Edition Android Game Review

One of my favorite video games during my childhood was Galaga, the sequel to Galaxian, which I used to play regularly in the arcades. The gameplay is simple; you are in control of a starfighter out to destroy the advancing insect-like enemies.  The top down view of the game gives you a great view of the enemies that are advancing from the top of the screen to your position at the bottom.

Namco Networks is proud to bring this amazing classic shooter to the Android platform with the title Galaga Special Edition. The game play is still the same but the graphics have been improved to take advantage of the present day smartphone capabilities. You will also have access to various new weapons to better take down the enemies.

Galaga Special Edition can be downloaded right now at Google Play for free. You will need a device running on at least Android 2.0 as well as a storage space of at least 35 MB. It’s much better if you could install this on your tablet since the larger screen real estate will make the game more enjoyable.

Those who are familiar with the original arcade version of the game will immediately notice that this isn’t a port of the classic game. In fact, it has been revamped. Everything is new except for the game play which stays the same.

You will encounter wave after wave of advancing enemies as you defend Earth. Targeting the enemy weak points will earn you bonuses and power ups.   Another feature new to this version of the game is that there are numerous in-game achievements which you can unlock.

There are 25 levels that you have to go through in this game and epic boss battles that will test your skill.

If you are looking for a great classic shooter then download this game now over at Google Play. It’s free to get but comes with ads.

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