“Futuristic App” Makes Its Way to the Apple App Store: Sunrise Reinvents IOS Calendar Apps

sunrise calendarMost iOS apps today make use of cloud management solutions but who would’ve thought that this technology can be used for calendar apps as well? Welcome Sunrise, a relatively-new calendar app developed by former Foursquare employees who decided to work on the app full-time to make sure that what used to be a daily newsletter will now become one of the most useful apps that iPhone users can install on their mobile phones.

Calendar Apps for Social Networks

Developers Pierre Valade and Jeremy Le Van’s bright idea began when they first designed a daily email so that their Foursquare users can receive all the information they’ll need from their own Google Calendar, Facebook, Eventbrite, and LinkedIn accounts. They had 10,000 users then, 50% of which open their Sunrise emails on a daily basis. That prompted the ex-Foursquare designers to focus on the app full-time because the statistics simply meant that there was indeed a market for calendar apps.

After leaving Foursquare, Le Van was tasked to handle the design while Valade worked on the development side of the mobile app. The latest version of Sunrise now has a server component, maximixing iCloud integration so users will have a better experience with the app. It’s simple, powerful, and functional. It’s smarter because it uses data from other accounts that will save time because users can now access all those information in one app instead of opening each account individually. Currently, Sunrise uses data from Facebook, Google Calendar, and LinkedIn which means that opening the account for the first time will prompt you to log-in on those specific accounts.

Easy to Use Calendar

Aside from the striking user interface, Sunrise is very easy to use. The uncomplicated and clean interface of the app provides information on events synced with Google and Facebook such as birthdays and it even gives the weather for the day. If you are meeting a person for the day, Sunrise gives you access to the information you need about the person, gathering data either from the person’s Facebook or LinkedIn account. Don’t worry about having to leave the app because you can send your RSVP direct from the Sunrise, compared to other apps which will take you to the app itself to update changes. Should you need to add an event yourself, simply type the details on the specific date to set the appointment. You can even set the event as a recurring, one-time, or all-day event.

Switching from a month view to a week view is easy to. All you have to do is swipe your finger across the grid to switch views. There’s even a tiny countdown timer that lets you know the exact number of minutes when your next event will be. Checking information for an event will even give you directions from Google Maps itself. The small icons add a charming dose to the calendar app. For example, a fork and knife means you have a dinner coming up soon while the airplane icon tells you that you have a flight to prepare for in the next couple of days.

The best thing about Sunrise is not just its simple interface. While it’s only available on iOS at the moment, Sunrise is an app that is 100% free. There are no in-app purchases and you can simply download it on your iOS device to replace the native calendar app on your iPhone.

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