Fixya: iPhone 5 is three times more reliable than Samsung smart phones

If you were to rank all the smart phones in the market in terms of reliability, iPhone5 would be on the top. And we can derive this not just from a survey result from Fixya as we have all experienced it and it’s a fact that cannot be denied! Apple has been by far the most efficient and reliable smart phone maker in the market and consumers have hardly faced any problems with their devices. Even if they have faced a problem, they have been immediately fixed by the company.


The survey conducted from a data of around 772,558; listed the pros and cons of all the major smart phones from brands like Samsung, Apple, Nokia etc. Apple, who currently has a market share of more than 26% contributed to only 10% of the complaints reported during the survey. On the other hand, Samsung which had almost the same market share as that of Apple, had more than 150% complaints registered. This proves that Apple smart phones are almost 3 times more reliable than Samsung phones.

Nokia which comes after Samsung in terms of the market share with around 22.5%, proved to be even less reliable than the other two. Nokia phones contributed to around 45% of the total complaints by the users. However, if we compare the market share and the percentage of reports, Google owned Motorola even beats Nokia in this category. Motorola phones have been regarded as the worst reliable phones by its users due to the various issues and problems faced by them.

So what made iPhone the most reliable smart phone?

Well, the credit for this goes to the efficient design of the device. Apple users have seldom faced any problems regarding non- functioning of their camera or touchscreen and hardly any users have reported problems with their software. Moreover, even if any problems cropped up on the device they were easily fixed by a restart or by a simple troubleshoot. Users have also praised the device for its simple and sleek OS, which is very easy to understand and use.

However, Apple is not without any problems. And if any of you guys have used an iPhone before, you can guess the problem pretty easily. Ever since the launch of the iPhone’s in the market back in 2007, Apple has been struggling with the battery life of the device. When compared with other competitors like Samsung, Nokia, iPhone’s battery life is very disappointing.

There were many other points highlighted by the survey. Below are some pros and cons of various smart phone manufacturers as mentioned in the report:

1)      Nokia

Pros: windows phone 8 homescreen, durability and quality of touchscreen

Cons: large size, poor battery life, over heating problems, laggy response to gestures

2)      Motorola

Pros: Battery life, improved design,

Cons: inability to uninstall carrier apps, low quality speakers and cameras, touchscreen problems

3)      Samsung

Pros: Display (very few dead pixels reported), touchwiz UI

Cons: low phone call quality, poor battery backup (especially in the Galaxy lineup), microphone and speaker issues

4)      Apple

Pros: Hardware and software reliability, healthy ecosystem with plenty of apps

Cons: Lack of customizability, battery life, lack of advance features as compared to competitors

via Electronista