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First look at the future of smartphones: Polytron’s transparent phone prototype

Polytron's Transparent Display Technology

If you are looking for a very futuristic smart phone you can see through, the world is very close to making that possible. Yes, a transparent smart phone is in the making, in its infancy stage though. The company behind this, Polytron, is very excited.

The smart phone looks just like a case made out of hard glass. The smart phone becomes almost transparent (you can say it is translucent, but you can almost clearly see through the device) when it is powered on. But it is an opaque object where there is no power supply. And that is some very high tech stuff.

The company calls this the Polyvision Privacy Glass. According to Polytron’s website, “the liquid crystal molecules line up, the incident light passes through, and Polyvision looks clear.” And you need to know a bit of physics to understand that. Anyway, we are going to have Bond stuff in our palms pretty soon, if this works out.

The device is still in the prototype stage, which the company is showcasing. But according to the company, major smart phone manufacturers have already shown direct interest in working with Polytron on this cool piece of technology. Sam Yu, Polytron’s general manager, told Macworld, however, that “All handset makers are looking to work with us. The technology is mature.”

The phone is not completely transparent, you can still see the SIM card, the battery, and the power button at the top of the smart phone. And I am not complaining. When you are getting a transparent body, you need to get used to the fact that we still do not have see through batteries and SIM cards, and other components.

According to Mobile Geeks, the company is going to cover all these when the commercial version of this comes out. And right now, this is just a hardware with no software running on it. Watch the video below for more (from Mobile Geeks), and try to spot the LED (or at least what looks like an LED) switched ON on the phone.

Source: Mashable

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