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Samsung Tizen OS

There were a lot of new smart phones on display at the Mobile World Congress 2013. LG, especially, had a whole new family of new smart phones, which were unfortunately leaked ahead of the event and that made the company announce them before the actual event. Anyway, along with so many smart phones, we saw the birth of two new smart phone operating system platforms. One is Mozilla’s Firefox OS, and the other one is the Tizen OS which has been developed by a team made up of Samsung and Intel employees.

The question is, how well these two new platforms affect the world of smart phone. Well, we already have Google’s Android as the leader in the game as it has the maximum market share. Next comes Apple’s iOS with only one line of smart phones to offer. After these two, there a few players playing for the third place, namely Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10. Firefox OS and Tizen come to this point to compete with these two platforms.

To begin with, Firefox OS may not be something big. Even though it already has partners to build hardware, these smart phones are nowhere even close to Android Smartphones when it comes to features and stability and just sheer power. But that is just today’s story. Given time and dedicated development like Google does with its Android platform, we do not know where Firefox would be. This is because there are lots of big names behind the platform who have already pledged to support it.

Next, Samsung and Intel have done a good job with the Tizen OS, but it looks so similar to Android, and the obvious reason for that would be the presence of Samsung in the equation, because Samsung is the biggest Android smart phone maker. Given time, Samsung will bridge the gap between Tizen and Android in terms of customer satisfaction, which is all that is needed. And with Intel backing this up, this could become the next big thing. So what would it be in five years from now?

Source: CNET

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