Facebook’s new physical gift cards

Facebook Physical Gift Card Official Mock Up

Facebook is hard at work, making Facebook more than just a place where you can update your status or share your get together photos from last weekend. The company is working on taking down news services and gaming consoles, and today, we have an announcement in which it is letting users shop at actual physical, brick and mortar stores.

Yes, Facebook has announced a new physical gift card service in which users can gift each other gift cards to go out and make use of them in stores. The company has partnered with four retail chains, Jamba Juice, Olive Garden, Sephora, and Target. You can go online to Facebook, select the gift card option and put some money in it. You can address it to a friend of yours and order it. Your friend will get the physical Facebook gift card at their postal address.

This gift card will be filled with the gift amount you had charged and will be ready for use. You would have also chosen at which of the four retailers your friend will be using the card. So just go there are charge it on your card. If you want your friend to be really happy, you can charge up the card with multiple retailers with varying amounts of money, and that will still work.

The recipient will be able to check the balance on the card online on Facebook via their smart phone or computer. And every time the balance on the card changes, the social network will send a notification to their phone.

There are hopes that Facebook would start using the NFC technology on most smart phones today to make the physical gift card digital again. That is something that Facebook could already be working on. But this would be an awesome opportunity for third party retailers to partner up with Facebook.

Anyway, will you be making use of this service any soon?

Source: PC World

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