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Facebook to bring in hardcore gaming

Action games on Facebook

If you are a hard core gamer, there is a new gaming platform coming up this year just for you, and that is the good old social networking site, Facebook. Yes, Facebook is going serious about gaming this year with dedicated games being developed for the platform. The social network already has a number of games in its arsenal and is working hard with third party developers in developing more engaging and entertaining games.

Facebook does not develop any games by itself, but it partners with third party developers who design and develop games for the social network and then pay 30% of the revenue they make with in-game purchases. The social network is expecting to come up with at least 10 new high quality games this year, according to a report on Reuters. And these games are expected to deliver features such as full screen gaming, strong plots, quality graphics and flash, and yes, you see such features in gaming console games.

Facebook has given CNET a list of examples of the types of games that it is expecting this year. And the list is as follows:

  • Offensive Combat, a multiplayer first-person shooter game by U4iA launched on Facebook last month. The app reached more than 1 million monthly active users in a test run over the holidays, according to Facebook.
  • Rumble Entertainment, is currently testing its game KingsRoad, a medieval adventure game.
  • N Way, a game developer founded by the creators of games like Crackdown and Grand Theft Auto, is testing an action role playing game, ChronoBlade.

Sean Ryan, director of games partnerships, said in October during a press event that Facebook will be diversifying the games offered on its network and give importance to such action and adventure games. “Role playing games, strategy, core or mid core games, that’s what we expect to see next year for the explosion of genres,” he had said. CNET writes, “Facebook had 226 million players across all its genres at the time.”

So, are you one of the many who are waiting for such games on Facebook?

Source: CNET

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