Facebook Presents Free Voice Calling Service to their iOS App

fbOn Friday the 22nd of February 2013, Facebook launched a new upgraded version of their app. The featured app has the capabilities of allowing its users to make free calls to their fellow Facebook friends. The feature is however limited to the iOS subscribers only. Before this major shift, the free calling service was only available to its US and Canadian iOS users. After a successful run of the same, Apple decided to include it in all their devices supporting Facebook version 5.5. Facebook has always been identified with its messaging abilities but this is set to change. In the recent past complains were being directed to Apple as a company for their lack of newer innovation but it looks as if they have made a breakthrough, Apple can now catch a break.

The news could not have come in a better time. Currently most people (the youths to be exact) have fully embraced the social media craze and it is no surprise to find most of them spending a great deal of their time texting and charting with their online friends. The free calling element of the feature should come as an added bonus to the users. Isn’t just amazing having to call up your friend for free without worrying about additional charges due to the difference in your geographical locations? I am pretty much sure that sounds enticing.

The innovation should come as a surprise to many Facebook users because Mark Zuckerberg has publicly been heard denying the claim that Facebook has intentions of making a phone. When asked this question, Zuckerberg answer has always been no! As a defense to their latest invention, they have said that their main objective is to become a one stop shop for anything relating to mobile phones i.e. including making free calls.

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