Facebook building a cold storage for forgotten material


If rumors are true, which almost always is the case, Facebook is building a 16,000 square foot data center in Prineville, Oregon to provide storage for older, less looked at Facebook content. The company is looking at reducing energy costs by separating popular views from the less viewed material. Popular text that includes statuses, wall content, messages, chats and photographs and videos will be stored in a fast running facility while the remaining content that is hardly viewed by users will be stored in a slow data center in the new storage center in Oregon.

This facility like the others in Prineville is capable of storing Exabyte of data, equivalent of 250 DVDs of storage. In a bid to do its bit for the environment, storage centers that are less frequently accessed will go to sleep mode when no requests come their way and popular content is stored on servers that are always up and running. The energy savings come with not having to cool down these servers. With machines on all day, they heat up required to be cooled to keep them running smoothly. With cold storage, these servers that are rarely accessed will not heat up and energy is saved by avoiding cooling. Only the active servers will require to be cooled.

Facebook is also considering constructing a new center near Sweden, south of the Arctic Circle to save energy and equipment required for cooling that is naturally available with freezing temperatures of the Swedish land.

The company is looking to expand its infrastructure for both cost savings and energy efficiency.


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