Dual Shock 4 for Playstation 4 launched


One of the best things that you like about a Play Station console is its controller. For the past few years, Sony has been able to create some of the best controllers in the market and it looks like the company would continue to do so with the launch of its Dual Shock 4 controllers for Play Station 4 console.

Dualshock 4


In an event held yesterday, Sony unveiled its newest gaming controller for its PS4 consoles. The new controller will be better than the previous versions in many ways like more personalization options, more control sensitive buttons, socialization options etc.

Dual Shock 4 will give PS4 users a much tighter control over their game play and will allow them to have in dept control of the game via various innovative features incorporated in the controller.

The controller features many new options to personalize game play on PS4. The touch pad on the controller allows the user to change the camera angles while playing the game. The share button the side of the controller allows the user to share his or her score online with other game players. The light bar on the side helps to identify players and the 3.5 mm headphone jack will provide a better communications platform to interact with fellow PlayStation players online.

The controller will have a stereo camera that will constantly interact with the device to track your hand movements while you are playing a game. Further, Sony has added a pause/resume button on the device which can start or pause the PS4 console within seconds.

With this new controller catering to the each and every need of the gamer, one can easily say, this is one of the most innovative gaming controls in the market today. And with the launch of the new PS4 console with more personalization and socialization options, it looks like Sony is charging way ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox console and is all set to rule the market for a long time.

via Slashgear