Dropbox rolls out new Sync APIs for Android, Apple

dropboxDropbox announced its new Sync API that would make syncing a less tedious task for developers. Earlier, the developers were only able to integrate their service to Dropbox, but Dropbox left it on the developer on when to sync and what to sync.

However, the new sync API would take some responsibility on its own shoulders. The new API takes care of everything, including caching, syncing, and working offline, and provides you a virtualization that you’re actually connecting to a local storage device.

As the new API takes care of caching, refreshing, and retrying uploads and downloads, app developers can now focus on making top-notch apps. The Sync API lets you create folders quickly, and also retires uploading/ downloading the file autonomously. It refreshes quickly; so, if there’s a change in the file structure or a new file is added, it would be expeditiously discovered, and shown in the app.

In a nutshell, Dropbox’s new API takes care of all the background tasks so that you can afford to developer smarter and intuitive apps. The new API might even pep up the performance of some apps. According to Squarespace Note developer, Chris Cox, the new API release has cut his Dropbox code into half.

We’re sure that the new Sync API would pave way for smarter, faster apps. The API has been released for both platforms- iOS and Android. Hence, developers of both the platforms would be able to take advantage of the new API to develop faster-loading apps.

Source: Dropbox blog

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