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A lot of us are familiar with Dropbox, and most of us use it on a daily basis for personal and professional use. There is another similar service, Box Inc., which most people have never heard of. This is because Box Inc. is for the most part used by people who need a lot of security for their files online. These two companies are the two of the most valued companies in the Silicon Valley, and both are competing with each other to become the leader in cloud storage solutions. For this to happen, they need to enter the corporate region on the cloud.

We have been watching Dropbox add more new and improved features to its service for a long time. The company says that is how it delivers services to its customers when they need it. And now, the company is all set to attack the corporate world. The company has unveiled a new dashboard feature for IT professionals in which administrators can keep a close watch on the activities of the employees of the company and also the files the company has dropped online.

The administrators will be able to check which employee has opened which file at what time. If there is something fishy, the administrator can dynamically block access to certain files to certain employees. This way, there will be no more fooling around by the employees around the information they do not need professionally.

Not just this, the administrators can mark a file read only, or give permissions to edit online and not let the employees download the file or share it in any way possible. These kinds of features become very important in industries such as law, medicine, or banking.

With all these features to offer, Dropbox has really outdone itself. There is no doubt that it is one of the best available cloud storage solutions. But it is to see how Box Inc. will react to this now. Will it come up with new and enhanced features itself? Well, let us see.

Source: Reuters

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