Dragon Summoner Android Game Review

I’ve always been a fan of TCG (Trading Card Game) with my passion for this type of game starting in the early 90’s with the introduction of Magic: The Gathering.  It’s a pleasant surprise to me that Gameloft has just released Dragon Summoner which is a TCG that features animated combat battle scenes. This is a unique way of making the game more entertaining for those who are new to this genre.

dragon summoner

Dragon Summoner can now be downloaded over at Google Play for free. You will need a device running on at least Android 2.3 and a storage space of at least 2.3 MB. Since it is free you can bet that there is an in-app purchase feature included as well.

The story of the game revolves around dragons that have long been thought to be extinct but have now risen. These huge monsters are poised to strike the three kingdoms of Quiven. Your main objective is to assemble your team and embark on an adventure to save the land. Whichever among the three kingdoms you ally yourself with you will soon realize that it is only you and your cards that stand in the way of these dragons.

Some of the game features include

  • Collect, fuse & strengthen over 200 gorgeous cards inspired by fantasy and manga!
  • Warriors, Mages or Hunters: Choose your allegiance and fight the magic dragons for the survival of your kingdom.
  • Deploy your strategy by forming and leveling up your team of heroes to bring out their full power!
  • Complete tons of fast-paced, visually immersive quests & battles!
  • Ally with your friends online to defeat fierce Raid Dragons.
  • Battle other players with your cards online to prove your valor and loot some of their treasures.

The more than 200 cards at your disposal have beautiful artwork. You will be able to collect these cards and fuse them to create even more powerful effects.

One feature that players will love is that the game also has an online multiplayer mode. You will be able to ally yourself with other players to bring down a difficult boss or play PvP against players from all around the world.

If you are into TCG then better check out Dragon Summoner right now.