Dont try to open your Surface Pro, unless you want to break it

Internals of Microsoft Surface Pro

If you are planning to buy a new Microsoft Surface Pro, think it over, there is still time. There is no doubt that the tablet laptop hybrid is an awesome computing machine. You could possibly find a border line between your entertainment needs and your product needs, and then use this machine on that borderline. But as iFixIt reveals in its latest report, the Surface Pro is thrown at us from the stone age in terms of repairability.

Yes, iFixIt says it is one the very few machines that the company has seen which is not very repair friendly. And if an inexperienced hand tries to open up the tablet, there is no doubt you will have to replace the tablet itself. And what is sad is that the Redmond based tech giant has used a lot of glue in keeping components in place inside this device, even the display unit.

So, iFixIt decided to give the device one out of ten for repairability, literally the lowest score you could get. And the best part is, Apple’s iPad and Windows Surface RT have better scores than this, even though the score is just two out of ten.

Anyway, iFixIt reveals that even the battery is very strongly glued to the casing. If you ever want to replace the battery in the future, you will also have to replace the back cover. And iFixIt calls the tablet “a metric duckload of adhesive.”

But there is not just glue in there, there are screws as well, a lot of them. iFixIt found a total of 90 screws. 23 of these screws hold down the internal metal bezel, and 29 of the screws hold the metal side plates down. iFixIt also found that the fan used inside the Surface Pro is much smaller compared to the MacBook Air. So the tablet is quieter, but will there be enough cooling?

Like this, there are many things hardware wise that you need to consider now before you shell out your money on this. Think it over.

Source: Wired