Corsair to Purchase Simple Audio

Scotland-based company Simple Audio announced today that it has been acquired by Corsair, the American PC component manufacturer. Simple Audio is a five year old audio company which is perhaps best known in Europe for its series of networked set-top receivers. Similar to the Sonos that are capable of sharing music from PCs, Macs, iPods, and TVs.


Simple Audio’s limited appeal in Europe is apparently no longer enough of a draw for the small company which is part of the reason why they sold up to Corsair; to potentially extend their reach into the Americas and perhaps world wide. There was no mention on the exact dollar figures the company was sold for, only mentioned in the PR release that it was a multi-million dollar deal. Corsair had had been looking into purchasing the small company for well over two years now and apparently felt like now was the right time to make a move. Bringing in another competitor to the market against Sonos will hopefully benefit consumers. Until now the only other type of solution to whole home streaming can in the form of Apples mostly propitiatory solution: AirPlay. With another player now in this field it is not unreasonable to believe there will be stronger competition which could lead to lower prices and more diverse array of features.

The market for these type of devices currently seems quite small, but that could be simply due to them being priced at something of an enthusiast price. With Corsair now backing Simple Audio it would not be out of the realm of possibility to see that company use its supply chain and expertise to drive down the cost of the products to a more consumer friendly level.

Source Simple Audio