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Competition For Brainy Android Developers – Tactrick Android Developer Cup

tactrick competition

Today (25th of February) Tactrick Mobile Solutions is launching a competition for talented Android-developers. Tactrick Android Developer Cup honors the most innovative, smartest and craziest. If you have a great idea, compete in a contest and win a grant to develop your app.  If you already have live app, let your creation be known, and you’ll see your download counter shoot through the roof! You just need to complete competition submission form until the 22nd of April.

tactrick android cup

Competition prize fund is $10,000. Jury from Google, Qualcomm, Steel Media, Appency App Marketing, Rockfish Interactive, AppsZoom, Tactrick Mobile Solutions, and Wireless Industry Partnership are waiting for your app.

Competition is holding in 4 nominations:

Best Idea. If you have a great idea for a new app, bring it to life through The Tactrick Android Developer Cup. The best one is going to win app development and promotion on the app store. It’s definitely a time to take the crazy idea of yours!

Best Game App. You have game and you want to see people playing it all around?! It is possible! Just submit it in the Best Game App nomination and win $4,000.

Best Everyday Services App. Everyone wants to make everyday life easier. You can! Submit your Everyday Services App in The Tactrick Android Developer Cup and win $3,000.

Best Medical & Education App. Do you have an app that could change someone’s life? It can be medical or education field. If the answer is positive, you can spread it for smb’s good. And win $3,000.

Also every participant receives a welcome bonus in the form of $100 worth of virtual currency that can be used to promote or monetize their app, receive an expert consultation, or take advantage of a variety of other opportunities offered by the contest’s founders and partners.

Are you ready?

Click to get started! Then join us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest scoop on our competition and even more ways to win.

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