How to Run Linux Mint On Chromebook Pixel

The Chromebook Pixel is Google’s latest Chromebook device that everyone could easily fall in love with. The device comes with great specs such as having a Gorilla Glass 2 multi-touch screen with 2560 x 1700 resolution as well as using a Core i5 processor. Some people however think that the price tag of $1300 is a bit too high for a machine running the lightweight Chrome OS on so much power.

chromebook pixel linux mint

Google has an answer to this by announcing that this device is able to run a full version of Linux Mint. Previous versions of the Chromebook had a BIOS that only supported the Chrome OS with no way of running an alternate operating system. The Pixel has an additional BIOS that allows anyone to run other operating systems on the device. You will have to enter developer mode first since it only works there.

Chrome OS software engineer Bill Richardson showed in his Google+ post how this is made possible in thirteen easy steps.

  1. Enter developer mode (hold Esc+Refresh, poke the Power button). When you see the recovery screen, press Ctrl-D, then Enter.
  2. Log in, download the latest 64-bit USB image from
  3. Get a root shell: Press Ctrl+Alt+T, then run “shell”, then “sudo bash”.
  4. Use ‘dd’ to copy the image onto a USB stick or SD card
  5. Run    “crossystem dev_boot_usb=1 dev_boot_legacy=1”
  6. Power off, then on again.
  7. When you see the boot screen, press Ctrl-L instead of Ctrl-D
  8. When you see the SeaBIOS screen, press ESC
  9. Pick the drive to boot from
  10. When you see the “Automatic boot in 10 seconds…”, press ESC
  11. Highlight “Start Linux Mint”, press TAB
  12. Replace “–” with “mem=4G”
  13. Press ENTER

You are now running Linux Mint on Chromebook Pixel.  You’ll have to give up the trackpad and touchscreen functionality on Linux tough so you have better be prepared to use your mouse. Aside from thee minor inconveniences everything seems to work perfectly fine.

via Google+

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  1. No need to spend 1300, every chromebook can run a full Linux os.

    Chrubuntu is Ubuntu 12.04 built for Linux, complete with an easy install script. Runs surprisingly well on my og Samsung chromebook…

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