China to replace US as the smart phone leader


It was only last year that Flurry reported, China was the fastest growing smart phone market in the world. Now it looks like their estimates were bang on target as the analytics company states that China will overtake US to become the leader in the smart phone market by the end of February. Currently, US has the most number of smart phone users but through a model developed by the company, which has been right uptil now, the company expects China to topple US as the leader.

The company adds that China and US had almost the same number of active smart devices installed base last month. US had 222 million devices while China had around 221 million. However, China’s smart phone user growth has been tremendous over the past few years and hence it is quite likely that they will overtake this figure by February end.

china vs Us smart phone race

Also, it is worth noting that US will not be able to return to this position anytime soon due to the enormous population difference between the two countries. China is the most populated country in the world and has a population of around 1.3 billion while US has only about 310 million. When you compare both the countries, China has a lot of potential users and this figure cannot be matched by the less populated US. The only country that can match this figure is India with a population of around 1.2 billion; however with only around 19 million active devices at present, China is going to be on the top for a long time.

But US will remain in its second position for a foreseeable future as the third largest market i.e. UK is still long behind the two countries. UK has only about 43 million which is a very tiny figure compared to US’s 222 million. The major reason for such a huge difference is the rapid device adoption in both the countries. US added about 55 million new devices last year as compared to a mind blowing 150 million by China. However, both these figures are respectable as no other country in world is able to match them.

With more and more innovative products influencing the market like powerful, energy efficient processors, faster hard drives, cloud computing etc the world is facing a technology revolution with the technology adoption rate of 10x which is very high as compared to the earlier PC revolution and the internet boom. At this rate, the world is going to change considerably and new and better technologies developed by companies like Apple, Samsung and Apple will rule the markets all over the world.

via  the Flurry Blog 

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