Carbon For Twitter Finally Hits Google Play

Carbon For Twitter was due to arrive on the Google Play Store as early as August last year, but after several delays, it became questionable whether it was even going to be made available, after all.


Fortunately, its developer, dots & lines, finally released the first version of the Twitter client on the Play Store.

According to its description page, the app is “unlike other Twitter clients” in that “All of your Twitter content on one screen. A screen that doesn’t get you drilling down to many other screens to reach to what you want. Timelines, Lists, Favourites, Searches, Trends, Profiles, all there.”

Carbon promises toprovide an elegant experience for Android users. Its features include:

“- Tilt Timeline to Refresh
– Power Scroll: Scroll/Swipe up or down using Two fingers to jump to top or bottom of Timelines
– Tap+Hold on Tweets to make everything clickable right on the Timeline
– QuickTimeline, home screen quick Timeline for Lists, Searches, Trends, etc…
– Rich Timelines with full inline images and videos
– Rich and HD style for User Profiles
– Rich and fun Conversation View
– Threaded Direct Messages
– Background updates with quick actions for Jelly Bean, per account
– Username Autocomplete
– Filters for Hashtags, Users, and Keywords”

Before you head over to Google Play to try the app out for yourself, however, take note of several announcements from Carbon.

For one, the app, at least for now, supports only Android smartphones, and not tablets. There is also the minimum requirement of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Early reviews of the Carbon app generally give high marks for the Twitter client, claiming that it is “smooth” and “fast.” Several comparisons were also drawn between Carbon and Falcon Pro, another Twitter client. There are several suggestions in terms of features that may be added, but dots & lines assures users that they will be introducing new ones soon, along with bug fixes for problems encountered on the app. Likewise, there is a clamor for tablet support.

Here’s the link to Carbon for Twitter on Google Play.

via androidauthority