Canonical to launch Ubuntu based tablets


Canonical has decided to race against Android and iOS for the top spot in the tablet zone. The company is planning to showcase its two new tablets in the mobile world congress commencing 25th Feb 2013. Canonical has designed two tablets to run on popular operating system Ubuntu. Surprising OS for a tablet but the devices look promising. If rumors hold any water, Canonical will release two versions of the tablet, one that is powered by a dual core processor and a more expensive, high end model that runs on a quad core processor.

Critics brushing off the contribution from Canonical as just another tablet in the tech market are in for a surprise. The Ubuntu based tablets look stylish and come with great new features that will give Samsung and Apple a run for their money. Some of the features offered by these tablets are novel and missing in other tabs like the iPad Mini and Galaxy Note. Canonical boasts of secured multi user accounts, swiping to launch apps, Voice assistance and full support for tablet to PC transformation.

The tablets from Canonical allow users to have a single account for themselves to store all their personal data that is fully encrypted. Owners can create guest accounts for users that share their tablet. There is no home screen or hardware buttons on the tablet. Users can instead swipe right or left to launch a menu of apps that they can choose from. Ubuntu has done away with returning to the homescreen each time an app is to be launched. The tablet’s Heads-Up Display comes with voice assistance that is used to edit movies, documents, audio and images. Lastly, the tablet can be converted into a fully fledged PC with keyboard and mouse attachments.

Unexpected, fully loaded and fresh, Canonical’s tablets will make their mark in a market already packed with tablets from different manufacturers.

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