Canon MREAL: A Close Look At Its Features And Benefits


Canon has officially introduced the Mixed Reality or MREAL Sytem that will have a range of features that can be expected to launch a new kind of platform for digital imaging. But the system is more than just generating 3D images, Canon’s MREAL is a step ahead of the usual 3D imaging being used in Hollywood films.

One of the most significant MREAL benefits is that it combines the concept of reality with the versatility and the flexibility of computer-generated images. Unlike the existing 3D-generating devices today, the MREAL system can transform real images into full-scale, three-dimensional images. Most existing 3D devices only produce computer-generated environments. The MREAL went closer to reality by actually integrating it into its system.

According to a statement from Canon, its new MREAL system has four key MREAL benefits: productivity, interaction, attention to detail and feedback.


No longer should researchers spend an enormous amount of time and money on making prototypes out of scrap materials. Canon’s MREAL system will allow researchers to test products using only its unique 3D-generating capabilities. It can even improve the way products are being designed because researchers and manufacturers can now see clearly and more easily how such products work and what could go wrong with them in the future.

More, the MREAL system saves cost, energy and resources. It works fast and easy, further upping its use for manufacturers worldwide.


Today, researchers are used to test products and design them on computer screens using a few strokes of the keyboard. With the new MREAL features, researchers and product manufacturers can go from seeing to touching the virtual product. Researchers, by using the new system from Canon, can actually experience, adjust, discuss, manipulate and analyze the product they are designing.

Attention to detail

The best thing about the MREAL system is its attention to detail. This means that people who will be using Canon’s MREAL can intricately interact with the products they are designing. The system will enable them to see every nook and cranny of the product. They can see every component and immediately identify what’s wrong with them. They can put to reality their imagination.

Can you imagine how car manufacturers will be using to their advantage the MREAL benefits? The results will be astounding. Automobile companies can virtually touch cars even before their designs are finalized. They can tinker with them and modify what needs to be modified.


Canon’s MREAL is more than just about mixing reality and computer-generated images. It is also about marketing the said products and engaging the audience and the manufacturers in the actual process. Researchers can collaborate on ideas more. They can prove their theories in a more efficient way. They can present arguments more clearly.

MREAL brings reality into the table without the need to spend time and money on an actual product prototype. What more, investors will also love the idea of being presented a design that they can actually “almost” touch and feel, thanks to the host of MREAL features that will make it possible.

Source: Canon USA

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