Bump update would allow you to transfer files from smartphone to PC

Screen-Shot-2012-02-24-at-17.12.56Bump, an app for iOS and Android that lets people share files between platforms, has expanded its set of features, and now allows smartphone-to-PC file transfers.

The app allows users to share photos, files, and contact information, just by “bumping” their smartphones (and now, computers) against each other. In case of PC-to-mobile file transfer, you just have to open the site ( and bump your smartphone with your keyboard’s spacebar key. There’s no need to search, discover, or pair devices. You just have to bump the devices. The app automatically detects them, and transfers the files instantaneously.

Till now, users were only able to transfer files from PC to smartphone, but there was no way to reverse the process. Following its popularity and the ease with which files could be transferred, people demanded a universal web interface for iOS, and Android transfers. So, developers worked on it, and now they have an update that would allow people to transfer files, videos, songs, contacts, and more to their PC from their smartphone.

Moreover, the new update does not confine the choice of files to photos, videos, or music. The updated app would offer a full-fledged browser styled window to allow users pick up their choices. However, there’s still a constraint. Bump would only allow you to transfer files less than 20 MB. If you want to transfer files greater than that, you would have to use Dropbox.

The new two-way syncing feature (smartphone-to-PC and PC-to-smartphone) would make file-sharing across devices simpler. It would be a boon for iOS users, who cannot transfer/send files to their Android friends via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi direct. Bump uses NFC technology, and web servers to detect, identify, pair devices and transfer files between them. So, you would need a working data/Wi-Fi connection if you wish to bump files between smartphones/ PC.

The Bump update has not been released on App Store or Play Store, as of yet. But, the Bump website reads that ‘something awesome is coming soon’.

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