BlueStacks App Player now available for Windows 8


Bluestacks is an amazing software. For those who have no idea about Bluestacks, it’s basically a product which revolves around enabling Android applications to run on Windows PCs, Macintosh computers and Windows tablets. Long back, I wanted to install whatsapp on my Windows PC, however, whatsapp isn’t available on computer. Nevertheless, I was able to install it on my PC with the help of Bluestacks. It’s a great software for folks who are looking to run Android apps on their PC or laptops, and we know that Android app store is huge with over 750k+ apps in it.

Bluestacks has been available for Windows 7 OS, and now Bluestacks has released the final version of its promised Windows 8 App Player, and it’s tailored for the Surface Pro tablet. Microsoft’s Surface devices aren’t doing exactly well and are suffering from lackluster sales volume, whereas the reviews have been good, and this App Player from Bluestacks will be able to increase the demand of Surface Pro tablet even further. It’s the first time Windows 8 has been supported by App Player, and with the help of this utility, users can install over 750k apps on their Windows 8 device. It’s definitely a big leap as Windows 8 app store has a little over 35k apps, so there’s a lot of difference.

“The Surface Pro is an innovative device, but it has none of the top apps,” says BlueStacks CEO, Rosen Sharma. “This fixes that and adds a lot of value for buyers.”

Since the software is fully adapted to run on Windows 8, users can also launch the Player from a tile pinned to the Windows 8 Start screen, thus giving a seamless experience for the user. Apart from that, unlike Windows 7 releases which consumed some screen real estate to display BlueStacks control strip at the bottom of the screen, the Windows 8 version supports true full-screen mode, which is a boon to tablet users who have limited screen size. Instead of the bottom strip, folks at Bluestacks have added a “Charms” menu on right side of the screen which displays Back, Menu, Settings and Home buttons which are standard buttons on all the Android powered devices and are required to run the apps.

via TechCrunch

Android apps can also make use of tilt and motion sensor of the Surface Pro/Windows 8 tablet in order to have the app displayed in portrait or landscape mode accordingly.

“We have had a lot of people write us that they were on the fence about getting a Surface Pro, and were waiting for something like this,” says John Gargiulo, BlueStacks VP of Marketing and Biz Dev 

The company has agreements with several top PC companies, including AMD, Asus, MSI, and Lenovo. These agreements will result in Bluestacks software being installed on over 100 million PCs this year. The startup company is also trying to strike similar deals with Dell and HP, and we hope Windows devices made by those companies are able to run Android apps out of the box. What’s your thought on this?

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