BLU announces cost effective Android phones


Budget phone maker BLU has announced three new phones that will run on Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor. These phones are very affordable and come with great features for the price BLU is asking. These phones come with 4.5 inch and 5.7 inch screens, are unlocked from day one so you do not have issues with phone carrier and legal problems.blu1

The Quattro 4.5 inch Android phone also features a 1.5GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage and an 8MP rear camera. The screen is built of scratch resistant gorilla glass. BLU products sport almost all the features of a high-end Google or Samsung phone, but are priced much lower than these phones.

For those who prefer a bigger screen for eBook reading and video viewing, BLU offers the Quattro 5.7 variant. The screen is not full HD but comes with a high resolution of 1280X720p. Inbuilt memory however is substantially lower than its 4.5 HD inch counterpart. The phone offers only 4GB internal storage, expandable with an SD card. Second, there is no LTE support for the phone. Despite this, the 5.7 version is one of the more attractive alternatives to the Nexus 4 and other smart phones in the same league.

The third in the lineup is the Quattro 4.5 that does not feature a full HD screen but sports an HD display with a 5MP rear camera, 4GB internal memory. As with the 5.7 inch, there is no LTE support. But the cost of these phones compensate fairly well for the lack of a few good features like LTE.

Running Android with Tegra processors, good screen sizes and great features, the phones from BLU are well worth your time and money!