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BlackBerry World

Gifting an app to a friend has become a great deal now, and it is proving to be a very good revenue generating idea for the companies. For example, take the Apple iTunes gift card. You can gift the card to anyone and they will be able to buy anything they want in the iTunes store with that gift card. There are various denominations of these gift cards as well. While Apple this gift card option in most parts of the world, Google has this for Android only in the United States.

But BlackBerry had introduced this gifting concept a couple of years ago. If you remember, there was the “BBM Mobile Gifting Platform,” using which you would be able to “instantly gift airtime, apps and other carrier services from one subscriber to another using BBM.” This was the one thing from BlackBerry which was remotely close to being a gift card.

The new BlackBerry World, which was BlackBerry App World, now holds a pretty good database of apps, movies, songs, videos, and much more. The Canadian company is doing good by promising movies on the BlackBerry the same day as the release of the DVDs. And this seems to be a good time to release a gift card option.

The ability to gift another person a piece of an app or a song, or something on the BlackBerry World would make it even more interesting. Also, the company can give a good competition to the opposition even though there are only 79 million customers for BlackBerry all around the globe. And even if just half of these customers started using the feature in the first quarter of the release of the feature, the company will be able to build on this foundation by introducing more featuring on the same line.

What do you guys think? Would you like a gift card option on the BlackBerry World?

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