BlackBerry goes the Apple way with mapping application


Map apps all over seem to be falling short of Google’s standards. A few months ago, with the new iOS 6.0, Apple received a lot of flak for its very own map app -Apple Maps that notoriously misplaced whole cities. BlackBerry seems to be facing the same issue with its new OS, BB10 as well. The map app doesn’t match Google’s map service that offers different views like satellite, traffic and street view in addition to location and navigation services.

Although the BlackBerry10 operating system is doing relatively well, considering it was rebuilt from scratch, there are complaints about its BB10 map app available on Q10 and Z10 smart phones. Firstly there is no satellite or street view, very popular with Google Maps; there are no reviews for any map service or update making it harder for app consumers to decide whether or not to download the app.

The app doesn’t seem to perform well even at the basic level. It doesn’t display local venues. Chain stores like Walmart and popular landmarks in and around cities and town are clearly displayed. You cannot get directions from any other location other than your current location. BB10 users are very unhappy with the map app, the unavailability of layered services, public transit locations, reviews for apps, lack of local venues in search results and direction from different locations. A few glitches are understandable given that the OS has been rebuilt and multiple patches and fixes would have to be released to fix issues. However, a basic app that hundreds of users rely on was expected to perform better, if not as well as Google maps.

Apple and BlackBerry both need to work extensively on their map apps to be able to bring them on par with the kind of services Android users enjoy. There is little doubt about Apple being able to fix the app, but with BB riddled with problems, consumers will have to wait and watch how soon the company responds.

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