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Will the Ubuntu tablet be announced today?

Ubuntu tablet announcement timer

Canonical could not have been more subtle in telling its fans that it has been working on a new tablet with its distribution of Linux and is going to unveil it today. As you are reading this, there are around 15 minutes for the timer on the home page of the company’s website to run out. Canonical replaced the product information page on its domain to a timer, and it has been counting seconds from quite a few hours.

The page clearly says, “Tick, tock, tablet time!,” which could either mean that Canonical itself is bringing out a tablet or that it has partnered with a hardware manufacturer to bring Ubuntu on smaller devices.

We have already seen Ubuntu running on much smaller devices, the Galaxy Nexus. And once we get the tablet version of the world’s most popular Linux distribution, that will be a complete package of the operating system, on computers, tablets, and smart phones. And that is just like Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Canonical is trying to bring its Ubuntu into the mainstream as much as it can.

The tablet market is already crowded with lots of tablets, there are various versions of Apple’s iPad, and literally thousands of Android based tablets. Adding Canonical to the mix would make it a bit different, as we have not yet seen how Ubuntu would look and perform on a device like that.

If this idea of the company shines, we can expect more and more tablet manufacturers to jump in the pool and come out with their versions of Ubuntu tablets, just like most companies today have Surface tablets based on Windows 8 and Windows RT, as well as Android tablets.

There are only 15 minutes left for the timer to run out now, and there is no idea what would happen next. Will the company just announce the tablet on its homepage and then have an event somewhere to give a hands on to interested people? Or after the announcement of the tablet online, has just started selling it?

Source: Into Mobile

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